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Tax Reform – posted by liberal comment

With increasing comment about tax reform it will be interesting to see just what this Liberal government targets to reform.

If it is just raises the GST, the flat tax that hits the poor equally to, but more harshly than, the rich it may expect the same reaction to their previous moves to place the total burden of economic recovery on those who can least afford it.

If this government really is sincere in making an effort to communicate with the Australian people I suggest they also include one or two of the considerable benefits (the age of entitlement is over – Hockey) that are enjoyed by those in more secure financial positions.

To name a few, the process of negative gearing that is pricing the first home owners out of the housing market. In inner the city suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney a few weeks after record weekend housing sales the For Lease signs proliferate on the newly bought houses. The worst of the new neighbours, among the established residents, can have many friends noisily welcomed on long term visits.

Then there are the considerable superannuation benefits for high income earners.

And of course there is the tax shifting by the international businesses that the Treasurer, after sounding so bullish about reforming, suddenly did an embarrassing about face and appears to do little.

That are just a few point. I am no tax expert, these items are what any reasonable newspaper reader might have picked up over the last couple of months.

How can tax reform that is as unfair as the 2014 Australian budget hope to get public acceptance?

Tax reform requires an attempt to fairly share the burdens of maintaining a fair and just society.