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‘How often’ – did you ask her ‘are you ok ?’ posted by Sara Stanley

A mother was arrested for murder after seven of her children and one niece were stabbed to death in Cairns. The children were aged from 18 months to 15 years. The mother is being treated in hospital for wounds to her chest.

I am furious about the media treatment of this awful situation in Cairns.

Again we are confronted with the irresponsibility of the media, whipping up a frenzy.

A tragedy has occurred, and what do the media do? Condemn an overwrought mother, that’s always good press.

‘We were/are a close knit community’. The teddy bears and flowers, being laid at the site of the tragedy, the weeping young blond woman.

I have to ask:

‘How often’ – did you cook dinner for this mother and carer of so many,  who has been doing it mostly alone since she was eighteen.
’How often’ – did you go around and hang out the washing for her?
‘How often’ –  did you sit and chat to her about the children?
‘ How often’ – did you take any of those children out for an afternoon?
‘How often’ – did you ask ‘can I help you?’
‘How often’ – did you ask her ‘are you ok ?’

How dare you take teddy bears and flowers and cry for the camera ? How dare the media encourage this sort of condemnation of a desperate woman? How dare you claim to be a close knit community?

Sara Stanley.


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