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Trashing Australians

Amongst the more incredible events of the week was Mr Warburton’s disingenuous claim of disinterest while recommending dismantling of the renewable energy industry. Then there was the change to import extra low paid, even untrained workers, rather than employing the unemployed youth in Darwin. Next we are told of the absolute need for more severe cuts to the ABC and SBS. Each week gives another round of highlighting the pre election lies, while the Abbott government claims they said everything was on the table to fix the budget.

As we all know there are more ways to fix the budget, such as getting rid of the mining subsidies, family trusts, negative gearing of real estate purchases; but no its easier to attack those who can’t afford it than the pressure groups and lobbyists of the wealthy.

Even with these depressing displays of damaging the nation, other stories of horror have been quickly swept into the recycle bins from the limited reporting they have received. Perhaps the silence indicates some grace to be ashamed of their conduct, for example, on the 1st of August, there was the story of the two 16 year old asylum seekers who were removed from their accommodation, and school, and taken to a detention centre by, it would appear, no less than four guards each. These boys were friends, good students and keenly involved in the school football team. The school was not informed that the children were to be removed.

Apparently the guards delivered the only communication at the time the boys were taken into custody. The communication signed by Scott Morrison stated “The Minister of Immigration and Border Protection has made a decision that your residence determination is not longer in the public interest.” Since this was published in The Saturday Paper July 26-August 1st 2014, we have heard no more of these people. The Saturday Paper as a privately owned newspaper will be more difficult to silence than Mr Turnbull’s efforts for what will be left of the public broadcaster.

Move on a week, and the Saturday Paper, again has the same pudgy pink visage of the Attorney-General on the front page – never a harbinger of good news. Odd that we hear that Prime Minister Howard kept Brandis away from the centre of power, whilst such an ambitious person as Tony Abbott should so frequently have Brandis at his elbow. Could it be that this Attorney–General will do as just he is told by Mr Abbott.

Then back to the continuing thorny decisions to reduce spending on education at all levels. Surely cutting funds to schools, trade schools and universities must surely be recognised as the single most damaging move against an entire generation of young Australians. The cost of rectifying the damage of this lost generation of Australians will be prohibitive. The disadvantaged will never make it to university if they don’t even have access to good basic education. Primary and secondary school education success levels depend on the primary carer having some education. Perhaps if the education minister could stop beating the military history drum, he may give some thought to Australian’s more widespread effectiveness, and life satisfactions.

However if appears the developing scenario for Australians will be a move back to extended family homes. Increased medical costs along with restricted spending on age care and education together with those who are qualified to work having to compete with lower paid 457 visa holders, even if they are currently restricted to the north, such unfair competition could quickly become the reality for many Australians. Agriculture Minister Joyce please forget the fifteen years you are worried about , the scenario you paint is increasingly becoming the reality of many, unemployed young, and elderly Australians, today.

And if this loss of a qualified workforce is to be taken up by the new 457 visa holders, the Coalition will never buy its way back into power, but it will take a long time to mend the damage done by this period of such an ideologically driven government.


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  1. Sara Stanley
    31/08/2014 at 7:30 pm

    I wish to leave a comment for the article “trashing Australians”

    I am a bit confused, suddenly we have the funds to spend millions of dollars, providing humanitarian aid to people, who if they come to australia are treated in the manner that raises the ire of the United Nations, and our retired judges.

    Not only the UN, but Alastair Nicholson, retired from our Family Court stated in the Age (Saturday 30th August) “he was horrified and disgusted” by the treatment of children in migration detention.

    No doubt the same detention treatment that the young men mentioned in Trashing Australia were transported to.

    The Age also claims a cost of $12m, although its a bit hard as some of the listed costs are for only one day, whereas another cost is for 29 days.

    So all that is difficult, but clearly not stopping the boats is a very costly enterprise.

    It also surprises me that there is no mention that New Guinea is considered the most dangerous place in the world for women. Apparently torture and killing women for witchcraft is alive and well in NewGuinea. However no doubt Mr Abbott and his mate Alan Jones know all about witches, so guess there is no problem there and perfectly ok to send women and girls to New Guinea

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