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Social Media


Who would have thought Darwinian evolution would produce
Ten fingers on our hands, ten toes inside our shoes?
So we counted our numbers by a method called base ten
Until computers came along and guess what happened then:
Some clever guys – just Google it – discovered something new
Namely that machines prefer using powers of two
What’s more it was discovered that a string of noughts and ones
Could do a lot of other things aside from doing sums
And so it is that anything which can be seen or heard
Like a picture or a song or just the written word
Can be stored on a computer and sent to whom you choose
More easily than putting your ten toes into your shoes
You can look up how to do this in a good encyclopaedia
Which will list the names of very many so-called social media.

There are stacks and stacks to choose from depending on your bent
And the best way how to come to grips is to experiment.


However, if you want advice then you should take a look
At one of the most popular – an SM called Facebook
But if you want to find good stuff with very little fuss
Then try your hand as millions do using Google+
Now Instagram is very good for photos and for movies
And Twitter is exceptional for what the current groove is
Delicious helps you with your food and Reddit with your news
And YouTube gives you access to multimillion views
For those professional people with business deals in mind
LinkedIn is by far the best of any you might find


But while all of this is wonderful and useful in its place
I think that very little beats meeting face to face.


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