humble comment

Plastic Horror – Pollution Responsibility

I do find it dispiriting that while I try to destroy, or at least handicap the movement, of the plastic bags I use. I know I am unable to personally, and environmentally, destroy a piece of plastic. The processes I have devised are firstly to tie the bags into a string of knots and then tie the knots together creating a lump. In the case of harder, or less pliable plastic, I cut it into strips, as a paper-shredding machine would do to paper. I of course don’t know if this really helps control or retard the movements of the plastic throughout the environment, including oceans.

However no matter how hard I may work at controlling plastic containers I am responsible for using them. Almost every product I purchase in one or other of the supermarkets is presented in at least two, or even three, containers of plastic, even the organic products.

It seems as though the producers marketing their products do not acknowledge or accept any responsibility for the damage that plastic containers do to the earth and to other creatures, such as birds, fish reptiles and mamals.

It in process of knotting the plastic bags, I am attempting to make a difference to the damage plastic bags are doing, in particular to turtles. As I understand it turtles mistake floating plastic bags for their favourite food – jellyfish. The ingestion of plastic bags by turtles results in a painful death for the consumer. It appears that green turtles, in particular, are consuming plastic bags at an increasing rate. (

It would be helpful if producers and marketers, as well as the end users, took greater responsibility for the inconsiderate and careless use, of such dangerous pollution from plastic packaging. I find it disturbing that I need to dispose of so much plastic waste as an involuntary result of my purchases.