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MURDER! – submitted by Sara Stanley

It seems to me that violence to women should be given somewhat great prominence by the Minister for Women, who is also the Australian Prime Minister. He appears very promptly in front of the television cameras whenever there is some murder anywhere in the western world which is claimed to be carried out in the name of a religion, while he totally ignores the much higher number of women being murdered by their partners in Australia.

This Minister for Women has not once been to a funeral of a murdered partner nor made a public statement of condolence about her death nor has he extolled us to carry on with our normal lives in spite of approximately 52 executions a year of women by their partners in Australia.

However when some foreign thugs commit highly publicized murders they are referred to as terrorists and immediately receive the Prime minister’s attention. However, these people are common murderers, they are not upholding, or fighting for a great cause. The Muslim community, which they claim to represent is constantly denying that their beliefs support this horrible behavior.

So I feel patronized by our political leaders who with each of these highly publicized murders, extol us to keep on living normally. We are assured by our Prime Minister that these so-called terrorist attacks will continue, but we ‘cant let them win and should continue with our normal lives’. What does he think we are doing? We are the ones continuing to live normally, continuing to go to work, taking our children to the beach, to the market or to school, while the leading politicians, who are making these statements live their lives surrounded by security guards.

But should we continue to live normally when most weeks a woman in Australia is murdered? 


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