humble comment

Coronavirus and the Universal Basic Income by Sarah Stanley

I am concerned about the ongoing financial uncertainty reported in Australia at this time. Shops are closing, or are unable to meet their supply requirements. The panic buying of toilet paper and supermarket goods generally is a sign of uncertainty about the future, as is the debate about school closures There is need for advice and government action to help families to maintain their much-needed incomes with the security of an income floor for the future and enabling them to care for their children at this time. 

One method to create stability would be to introduce the universal basic income. Such action would create greater confidence and security for the general population, which is sorely needed. 

It not helpful to have worrying comments on stock exchange fluctuations and partially explained economic statements with the possibility of one-off future payments mentioned, coming out of the Federal government three or more times daily, usually after another threatening stock exchange result or debate about the correct method of handling coronavirus.