humble comment

Australian Election 2016. – Malcolm Turnbull – post by Sara Stanley

I thought he was such a star. I thought we finally had a politician, who wasn’t following someone from about 20 years ago. I thought we would be up to date. ‘An exciting time to be an Australian’. I thought this would be a time of worthwhile innovation.

Instead we have the slogan ‘Jobs and Growth’ with government policy largely dependent on the decisions of the business community. The government can pack up and go fishing. The business community will be responsible for the development of Australia.

Marriage equality is deferred if not stymied by an expensive plebiscite while less money is available for the environment. for education, for hospitals and for aged care. Where are exciting innovation policies these important issues?

As I understand Australian history, ‘the most exciting time to be an Australian’ was from 1860 to 1914. Perhaps Mr Turnbull aught to leave ancient history for awhile and check out Australian written history. Australia led the world in the introduction of democratic exciting innovation.
There is still plenty to do in Australia such as taking responsibility for our careless, and greedy exploitation of the environment; such as giving full and proper recognition to the aboriginal people; such as closing, rather than increasing, the gap between the wealthiest and the rest of the community.

I thought he was such a star. I thought we finally had a politician willing and able to tackle the important issues. I was wrong.