humble comment

Australia in 2017 by Sara Stanley

I have remained silent during the American elections, and during the first weeks of the Donald Trump’s presidency. There has been little of value that an Australian can contribute to discussion of another nation’s leadership. Consequently, in spite of considerable media comment I have preferred not to comment.


However, I am now becoming concerned about what the new American leadership will expect of Australia. In the two and a half weeks since President Trump’s inauguration he has ignited a number of situations threatening global peace. What will these world tensions, that have been deliberately stimulated by the new presidential team, mean for Australia?


President Trump, and his team, has maintained a rhetoric of threat against China, our most important trading partner. The Middle East remains an area of interest to the United States. President Trump has expressed interest in moving the American embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, deliberately escalating the tensions in Palestine. He has also seriously targeted Iran with accusations of being the world leader of terrorist development.


Hence, my, and many other Australian’s, increasing concern that our nation will again be drawn into another dangerous and futile war in the Middle East by the United States.


I would rather not see the world descend into further distressing wars fought in the countries and family homes anywhere in the world. If there is such conflict I hope we can at least stay neutral, as do New Zealand and Canada.