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Australian Egg Industry Community Research

CSIRO’s Australian Egg Industry Community Research – 2018 Report was released on 30 October 2018 and can be downloaded here.

Australian Eggs commissioned the research to gain a better understanding of the relationship between the egg industry and the community. The report describes the key findings from a national community survey conducted by the CSIRO in August and September 2018.

The community survey comprised a representative sample of Australians collected through a research panel and an open sample of Australians that accessed the survey through the CSIRO and Australian Eggs websites. The appendix to the report contains further detail on the responses to the survey from each community survey sample.

The report is structured around four key focus areas that were identified as posing sustainability challenges for the Australian egg industry, which are:

the lives of people
animal welfare
the environment
economic viability

The aim of the survey was to understand community attitudes on each of these four key areas. The research provides an insightful account of how the Australian population views the egg industry and provides pathways for the Australian egg industry to develop deeper levels of community trust and acceptance.

Australian Eggs will detail the egg industry’s response to the research findings through its first Sustainability Framework Report to be released in February 2019.
Stakeholder engagement

Prior to the community survey, CSIRO first undertook background research on the egg industry to gain an understanding of the relationship between the egg industry and communities. We then interviewed industry and external stakeholders to hear the views of interested parties along the supply chain. The interview responses were analysed and the common themes that emerged were used to develop the survey.

CSIRO’s Australian Egg Industry Stakeholder Engagement Summary Report can be downloaded here.