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Australia, A Democratic Country? I don’t think so.

I last commented that Australia was in danger of becoming an oligopoly.

We should consider what sort of political system we have. The current Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, brought on this this election deciding when and how the election campaign should take place. Remember this election is the result of a double dissolution called on the pretext of creating a building and construction watchdog but actually because the Prime Minister wanted to clear the people from the Senate who didn’t agree with him. Now he threatens to disrupt the country if he doesn’t win.

Mr Turnbull has threatened that if we don’t vote for his party, and maintain him in the position of Prime Minister, there will be chaos. The country, he says, will be ungovernable. He has repeated this mantra a number of times emphasising that only a majority government headed by him, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, will be able to operate efficiently.

In other words Mr Turnbull has signalled that if Labor wins the election the Coalition will run an Abbott-style opposition and do their best to thwart government legislation regardless of its merits. Apparently bi-partisanship is erased from his political vocabulary except perhaps where Labor policies and Coalition policies are in agreement as is sadly the case on turning back the boats. The proper word for this is partisanship.

Surveys have indicated that most swinging voters vote against bad things rather than vote for good things. Thus labelling a labor-led government as chaotic may well help Mr Turnbull to get re-elected in spite of facts such as the more than 300 pieces of mostly good legislation passed by the last Labor government. Scare campaigns may win the election – but are they good for the country? Do they help our democracy?


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