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Attacking Women by Sara Stanley

We lose track of the massive amount of money being spent on defending Australia. Along with our prided ally, the USA, we have poured Australian lives and dollars into extensive fighting, killing and bombing the homes of people who previously would not have even know Australia existed. 

We have created many homeless people who we now fear might come to Australia as terrorists. We have created the largest, and probably the most expensive government department of all time. This department spends a lot of resources supervising all the people who come to Australia, a department to keep Australians safe.

We all know that on average in Australia one woman a week is murdered. How many resources are directed to protecting those victims? Where is the massive government department directed to protecting Australians that are in danger of being killed? Apart from a few days of expressed horror, and how we ought to teach men from a young age to respect women, we all settle back without a single resource from the mega Home Affairs Department being directed towards protecting women’s lives.

Where is the department that values women’s lives? What is the use of building an extensive government empire to supervise our every movement but which is unable to protect a woman walking home from work? Instead of looking for trouble makers among the recent migrants, perhaps Mr Dutton could put his ‘Home Affairs’ department into examining the existing slaughter of women.

Perhaps Mr Dutton needs a larger more expensive department. One that will actually protect people.


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