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The purpose of humble comment is to give everyday people an easy-to-use opportunity to voice their opinion without having to join any network or register or declare any personal details. To make this workable, all comments are monitored by the site’s editors, according to the following guidelines.

The editors of humble comment:

1. must not reject a comment merely because they do not agree with it

2. may reject a comment because it contains offensive or defamatory material

3. must reject any sexually explicit or pornographic material

4. may reject a comment that is unintelligible or edit it to make it intelligible

5. may reject what appear to be advertising products or services

6. may reject comments that could put the site into disrepute The contact page is available to allow visitors to the site to suggest improvements, including improved guidelines for the editors.

Suggestions can also be sent by mail to Humble Comment, PO Box 275, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065, Australia


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